Weight loss



In just a few sessions hypnosis can help you change your associations with certain foods enabling you to get your eating habits and behaviour under control. Many people find that throughout the day they will eat unconsciously, how many times do we look down at the empty packet of biscuits and think “how did that happen?”.

We are not consciously aware of what we are doing and this type of eating has nothing to do with hunger. Hypnosis is able to access the unconscious mind and give it positive suggestions on how to behave when faced with these situations in the future. Your therapist will be able to explore your relationship with food and identify those behaviours that are hindering your ability to lose weight. Nutritional advice and guidance on exercise will also be given as the greatest results are achieved when this is combined with hypnosis (Bolocofsky et al 1985).

Every patient will have sessions delivered that are tailored to their individual needs. At the initial consultation information will be gathered that focusses on motivation for change, current eating patterns, goals for therapy and also any health issues both physical and mental that may be affecting your ability to lose weight. Hypnosis will not encourage you to follow a diet, rather , with positive suggestions and visualizations it will enable you to make future positive healthy food choices. In some cases aversion therapy or virtual gastric band is appropriate. It is usual for your therapist to give you tasks to do between sessions in order to maximise success. Evidence suggests that lasting change is more likely to occur when patients are taught self hypnosis (Anderson 1985), this will be offered by the therapist.

So If you're looking to take control of your eating habits and achieve long lasting benefits, Hypnosis could be your answer!

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