Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety can vary in its severity, ranging from exaggerated worry and tension to feelings of absolute terror. You may find that you are still able to function or work, or you may find that you avoid certain situations or are unable to cope with certain aspects of daily life. Anxiety can affect other aspects of life and people who feel anxious often complain of sleep problems and to having difficulty with relaxation and concentration, causing severe fatigue, headaches and irritability.

Hypnosis can help reducing anxiety as the hypnotic state is generally accompanied by a certain degree of relaxation and so provides an ideal environment for relaxation techniques to be delivered. Relaxation training is of particular benefit in the treatment of anxiety as it brings about psychological and physical changes in the body.

During the initial meeting, we will take a detailed history of your case. We may need permission to contact your doctor before proceeding. We will work at a rate that feels comfortable for you and will answer any questions you have about the hypnotic process.

You will find that hypnotherapy gives you the opportunity to relax which will enable you to feel less tense and more responsive to therapy. You will learn relaxation techniques and we assist you to develop more realistic and beneficial ways of thinking. Furthermore, you will learn the technique of self-hypnosis, which we encourage you to practise daily in order to maintain the positive changes and allow you to regain a sense of self control in your life.

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