Public Speaking

It is very common for people to feel fearful or worried about public speaking or perhaps meeting new people. Often we worry about making a mistake, being judged, stuttering or stumbling over our words, not being liked or forgetting what we need to say.

Hypnosis can help you become calm and confident when speaking in public. It can also help with overcoming stage fright and other situations where you become anxious about your performance, such as driving tests, exams or job interviews.

Much of our fear results from the negative thoughts we have when thinking about our performance. Hypnosis can assist with overcoming thoughts of self-consciousness.

We will work with you to develop more positive ways of thinking and will help you use your own adrenalin rush to improve your performance. Hypnosis is the perfect environment to work on performance anxiety as it offers you the opportunity to safely practise techniques that you will be taught in your sessions.

You will be taught self-hypnosis and will be taught how to use visualisation techniques so that you are able to see yourself performing calmly and confidently. The more you practise the more relaxed you will become. We will teach you techniques that you will be able to use in different situations, giving you the opportunity to feel increased confidence and live life to the full!

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