Pain Management

Did you know that hypnosis can help alleviate pain? We will use the initial consultation to explore the root and type of pain you are experiencing. Only when we've established that there is no underlying cause for your pain will we suggest that you precede with the treatment. In many cases permission will be sought from your doctor.

When in pain, people often feel anxious and stressed. This can contribute to increased feelings of pain and discomfort. The hypnotic state is an ideal environment to work with patients to reduce their stress and anxiety as it is generally accompanied by feelings of relaxation. We will utilise techniques that will assist you to focus on relaxation so that you can let go from distracting thoughts.

Once in a very relaxed state we will assist you to refocus your mind away from the pain and may use visualisation techniques. You will be taught how to carry out self-hypnosis so that you can incorporate this into your daily routine to assist you manage any pain or discomfort you may have. The way our bodies react to physical pain is also affected by our thoughts and our perception of pain. Therefore we will work with you on your thoughts and feelings associated with your pain through hypnosis.

We will discuss with you any changes that you can make to your lifestyle that may assist the reduction of painful sensations. You are likely to find that symptoms of pain such as depression, insomnia and anxiety can also be reduced with hypnosis. 

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