Improving Sports Performance

Did you know that many professional athletes incorporate sports psychology and hypnosis into their training preparation? The sports field now accepts that success in any sporting event is as much about mental approach as it is fitness and skill. Hypnosis can help with different aspects of your sporting performance whether it be simply gaining confidence and self-belief or actually working on improving sporting techniques.

Negative though patterns can have a devastating effect on performance and we will assist you through positive suggestion and imagery to overcome these.

We can assist you to overcome sporting nerves or anxiety enabling you to perform to the best of your ability.

Tiger Woods has spoken about the benefits that hypnosis has brought to his golfing game. He has shown the ability to show high levels of focus and concentration.

At the initial consultation you will be invited to discuss in detail the outcomes that you are seeking. Sessions will then focus on visualising optimum performance\technique, and setting up a pre performance routine which will enable you to learn how to focus and avoid distractions. You, may be expected to work towards targets between sessions and will be expected to practise self-hypnosis.

Enquire now and start improving your sports perfomance!