Hypnobirthing will teach you techniques that will enable you to stay calm and in control of your own birth. There is evidence that using hypnosis can result in a shorter first stage of labour. Whilst we can’t guarantee that your birth will be straightforward and completely pain free hypnobirthing will help you feel less afraid and more relaxed.

Hypnobirthing allows your partner to feel involved prior to and during the birth, and to play an important role in the birth of your baby. The optimum time to meet with your therapist is between 25-30 weeks. This timeframe will allow plenty of time to practice what you have learnt. If you are further on in your pregnancy however, you could still benefit from hypnobirthing techniques.

We will help you focus on your breathing, and will teach you how to relax and how to practice self-hypnosis. It is very important to learn ways to manage fear and anxiety, and hypnosis is the ideal environment to do this as even a neutral state of hypnosis will elicit feelings of relaxation. It has been reported that the Duchess of Cambridge used hypnobirthing as did Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr.

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