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Stress Management

Are you a worrier? Do you find that you often feel anxious and this is preventing you from living life to the full? Hypnosis could be the perfect way for you to learn how to relax. The hypnotic state is mostly always accompanied by some degree of relaxation, your therapist will use different techniques to induce the relaxed state.

Once relaxed, this is the perfect environment for your therapist to deliver relaxation training.Your therapist will meet with you and take a detailed case study and from there will plan a package of support that will be tailored to your individual needs, focussing on what it is that you want to achieve. Any concerns or questions that you have will be answered by your therapist at the initial consultation and there will be no pressure to continue with therapy – the choice will be yours! We can work at a pace to suit you. Research has shown that suggestions to relax made in the hypnotic state can result in decreases in oxygen, breathing and heart rates.

Patients often report what a positive experience hypnosis can be as they were able to feel that both body and mind were relaxed during the session. As well as reducing physical changes experienced when anxious, thinking patterns can also be addressed within the hypnotic state. Past experiences can result in misunderstandings and distortions of what actually happened which can then lead to a distorted belief about what will occur in the future. Your therapist will assist you within your sessions to identify distorted ways of thinking, become aware of strategies that you may have used successfully in the past and adopt new problem solving techniques.

One of the great things about the hypnotic state is that you as the patient can try out things within the safety of the therapy room. Your therapist will give you tasks to do in between sessions and you will be expected to practise self hypnosis, as this will not only give you the opportunity to learn how to relax but will also assist in maintaining the benefits achieved in therapy. Your therapist will show you how to practise self hypnosis and how to give yourself positive and beneficial suggestions.

The more you practise self hypnosis the better you will become and the more self control you will gain over your life.

Please contact one of our therapists if you feel that your anxiety is preventing you from living life to the full.