Whilst we cannot guarantee a cure we can certainly help ease some of your symptoms and teach you techniques that will enable you to relax and focus on the changes you want to make.

We will book an initial consultation with you and will discuss your health history, in some cases your doctor will be consulted prior to the start of treatment.

Much of our behaviour is governed by our unconscious mind, hypnotherapy can access this part of your brain in order to address the underlying causes of your depression. We will assist you to change negative thought patterns and develop more positive, helpful ways of viewing the world.

Many people who suffer from depression also suffer from anxiety. The hypnotic state is mostly accompanied by a degree of relaxation. Once relaxed this is the perfect environment for us to deliver relaxation training and help you overcome those anxious feelings.

You will be taught how to do self-hypnosis, the more you practise the better you will get and the longer lasting the effects of therapy will be.

Enquire now and take the first step towards your new life!