I had the pleasure to meet with Karen, Heather and Marina and they are so helpful. Marina has given me great support and I can only recommend booking your session if you wish to treat your anxiety.


My appointments with Karen were to assist me in really focussing on weight loss. I realised that I needed to get control of my eating and exercise habits to achieve this.

My first appointment took about forty minutes, we spent this time, with Karen asking me very simple but targeted questions about my lifestyle and what I wanted to achieve. This allowed her to personalise my therapy. My next consultation was a week later with a bespoke hypnotherapy session that used key words and phrases personal to me to help me on my way to my personal goals.

Karen also taught me a way to self-hypnotise, such a valuable skill. Karen is so calm and intuitive.


Just to say thank you for the sessions that I desesperately needed on learning how to switch off an relax. I have been putting the recordings you sent me into practice which have helped me a great deal.

I feel far more alert in the mornings after a more settled evening and undisturbed sleep.

You made me feel comfortable with your calm manner understanding and patience. I will highly recommend your therapy to all who are suffering from a range of conditions and issues.

Thank you once again.