Hypnotherapy & Therapies


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy can be used to successfully treat many different health issues, change unwanted patterns of behaviour, enhance sporting ability, reduce stress or improve relaxation and happiness.

Hypnosis is a physical and mental state characterised by a state of focused concentration. It generally involves the patient experiencing a sense of deep relaxation which enables them to focus on positive and appropriate suggestions made by the therapist.

The aim of clinical hypnotherapy is to enable people to make positive changes to their lives. Hypnotherapy is a conscious experience; it is not the same as being asleep. It is an experience that is unique to each individual. Patients remain in control throughout and patients will not be made to do things they do not wish to do, rather the therapist will act as a facilitator who enables and empowers.

When in a hypnotic trance the patient experiences a heightened sense of awareness as they concentrate on the voice of the therapist. Whilst in this state the therapist is able to make positive suggestions to the subconscious mind as the conscious mind is suppressed.

A hypnosis session with one of our therapists will only take place after an initial consultation where therapy goals are agreed and a comprehensive case study is taken. At the beginning of the session the therapist will use techniques that will enable the patient to relax so that the subconscious mind can be accessed. You will continue to hear and remember what you need to. As the session progresses and relaxation increases the patient will experience the trance state, where the internal constant chatter is decreased allowing the therapist to access the subconscious mind and make positive suggestions for the benefit of the patient.

The session concludes with the therapist bringing the patient back to full conscious awareness, this is usually done by counting up to the number ten. Don't be surprised if your therapist then engages in general conversation rather than discussing the content of the session. This is perfectly normal and gives the session content chance to embed in the subconscious mind without being brought forward into our critical conscious minds.

You may be given small homework tasks to complete between sessions as this aids the progress and overall success of treatment.

NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming

This therapy is offered by all our therapists who have all been trained in NLP . Neuro linguistic programming evolved from the work of the hypnotherapist Milton Erickson. It focusses on communication and non-verbal behaviour. It is a technique that helps individuals make better choices by enabling them to develop new skills to overcome unproductive thoughts and behaviours.

BWRT - Brainworking Recursive Therapy

This stands for “Brainworking Recursive Therapy”. It is a “content free” process where patients are guided to just use their own thoughts to work on fears, anxieties or personal problems. They will be guided by the therapist but it does not rely on the therapist doing or saying something. Sessions are conducted in the wakeful state. Heather Baldwin Lewis is a registered practitioner in BWRT.


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