Top swimmer uses hypnosis to get into the 'right flow'

There are many elite athletes who have been using Sports Hypnosis to enhance their perfomances – Mary Lou Retton and Tiger Woods are two examples. Sports Hypnosis can theoretically help the sportswomen and sportsmen to relax mentally, to free their mind and it is seen as a tool to control anxiety and manage stress.

Mums share their hypnobirthing experience

For nervous mums-to-be, giving birth tends to be associated with pain, stress and screaming. It certainly isn’t usually sold to you as a calm and relaxing experience you’d want to repeat again and again. “Hypnobirthing just helps you feel relaxed and calm. It’s not mumbo-jumbo, it’s not about losing control, it’s the total opposite.”

3 Common misconceptions about hypnotherapy

No, it's not a party trick performed by stage performers. Hypnosis has been known to help patients with everything from depression and weight loss to irritable bowel syndrome.