What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a physical and mental state which is characterised by a state of focussed concentration. It generally involves the patient experiencing a sense of deep relaxation which enables them to focus on positive and appropriate suggestions made by the therapist.

The hypnotic experience does not have to bdelivered in a therapeutic way so when seeking hypnosis for self-improvement or to overcome unwanted behaviours this should always be delivered by a qualified hypnotherapist.

How does Hypnosis feel?

Hypnotherapy is a conscious experience; it is not the same as being asleep. It is an experience that is unique to each individual. Patients often report hearing all or most of what is said by the therapist. Most people say that they feel very relaxed.

Can I be hypnotised to do things I don’t want to do?

No, because hypnotherapy is a conscious experience the patient will only respond to suggestions that are of benefit for them. At the initial session the therapist will discuss the changes the patient wishes to make.

Can anybody be hypnotised?

Yes they can although the depth of trance achieved does vary from patient to patient for a variety of reasons. The most important factor is a willingness to be hypnotised. Some patients find that with practise they are able to achieve deeper states of trance.